Federal Restrictions on Private Decision

Recently, Kentucky’s governor Matt Bevin, signed two bills that put more restrictions on abortion. The restrictions include the prohibition to get an abortion at or after the fetus reaches 20 weeks. The bill also requires that a physician performs an ultrasound of the fetus in which he explains and shows the images to the woman and also provide audio so she could hear the heartbeat of the fetus.

Now I’m wondering what they are trying to achieve with such restrictions. Do they think that women don’t realize that the fetus has a heartbeat? Do they not understand what they are doing and those restrictions will make them realize it? I can assure you that a woman who decides to have an abortion knows what she is doing and is aware that a fetus has a heartbeat. In my opinion it is just a ploy to manipulate, coerce and shame someone who made the decision to terminate a pregnancy. And it is just despicable that they try to control women in that way, they are denying them care. The bill does not apply if the fetus presents a risk to the mother’s health but it fails to also exclude cases of rape and incest.  

Furthermore, Bevin went on to say, “I personally believe that it’s inappropriate to kill human beings that are innocent.” I thought that we had separation of state and church so that personal belief couldn’t play a role in making the law. His personal beliefs and feelings have no place when it comes to decisions that could affect a population. His personal feelings should only matter in his personal life.

It is my personal belief that individuals without a uterus shouldn’t be allowed to make such restrictions to a woman’s care. It won’t achieve anything other than taking away control from women. It won’t change one’s decision to terminate a pregnancy contrary to beliefs.



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