Politics and Stress to Sexual health

This article below explores an idea that has manifested itself after this election: the physical and mental stress of an election. After such a divisive election, it was seen that this election was also very stressful. A 2010 study shows that the loss of an election can cause changes in ones stress hormones. From the last election between Mccain and Obama the stress level of Obama supported were in stable conditions and the levels of Mccain supporters were increased. This means that political shifts can impact our biology in terms of the voters who have become politically inclined. This may be because we believe that we have lost power because the candidate we identified with lost.

This can relate to our sexual and reproductive health as well which tends to also experience changes. It isn’t ironic though that the correlation between stress and sexual and reproductive health is made at a time when sexual and reproductive rights are also under attack at the federal level. That alone is enough to cause stress and make people worried about their bodies and their rights. It is reported that yeast infections are caused in some cases by spiked levels of cortisol. In addition, PMS and other discomfort to sexual organs can also be attributed to stress. I speak from experience in terms of the pain that comes from menstrual cycles due to stress. It almost feels that the body can’t cope and after that I can’t eat well, sleep well and have a ton of discomfort.

Some professionals are reporting that there may be a correlation between the gender and race and sexual experience of those reporting higher levels of stress since  the elections. This would be a good case study to understand how politics plays into health.





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