The Bird and the Bees


Sexual education is still lacking in the United States.

I finished of my high school education in a New York City public school and I never heard anything about sexual education. Prior to that I went to a catholic private school in Haiti. Though they strongly recommended abstinence, the instructors did give us basic information about sex. That information was seriously poor but at least it was something, they were trying.

In this country, though, it is hard to get that information in school. Some think that informing teenagers about sex will make them go have sex. What they still fail to understand is that because they don’t mention it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or that teenagers don’t have questions. Those students, then, go to the internet and their peers when they have questions. Where students get information about sexuality and sex shouldn’t be a problem but there are so many misleading and wrong information out there.

I had some misconceptions about sex and sexuality but I realized that I needed to educate myself. It is amazing the number of things that I was ignorant to. I also know that many college students still have questions about sex and it’s because they haven’t received an adequate education during middle or high school.

We need to do a better job in teaching them about sex. And no, acting like it’s not a thing doesn’t make it disappear so we should buck up and provide them with the right information. And let’s stop the shaming of teenagers when it comes to sex, it’s not doing any good.


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