Abortion: Economic or Social Justice Issue?


There is an interesting dialogue about whether or not abortions should be considered a social justice issue or an economic justice issue. Writer, and senior legal analyst Imani Gandy, is upset, because she believes that progressive candidates such as Bernie Sanders, push abortions and reproductive rights as  social issue but that isnt right because reproductive and economic justice are inexorably intertwined.  Sanders is under a bit of heat by not only Gandy, but also others, including Sade Doyle, in her Elle magazine piece , because of the fact that he threw endorsements behind Heath Mello a candidate for Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska who co-sponsored Nebraska’s 20 week abortion ban.

The authors argue that by denying pregnant women services they need to obtain abortion care this will make it impossible for them to control their economic destinies. Most of my personal analysis and strong support for these opinions come from the fact that I believe that the cost of contraception, lack of public funds for abortions and the insurance costs are different things that contribute to this conversation of reproductive justice but also are all tied into the economic components of things. 75% of all abortion patients in the US are from low income households and are three times more likely to encounter unplanned pregnancies because of the lack of contraception access.

With all the talks about the need for bi partisan efforts, or the needs for  a stronger democrat base, the very thought that some democrats vote in favor of the hyde amendment which eliminates federal dollars for this very thing. With many things toppling down at the federal level, advocates are looking for champions in the legislature to speak up and understand that the reproductive justice work cannot be done without having an economic justice conversation.


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