How ‘religious freedom’ Laws Hinder Contraception Accessibility for Women

Since the Supreme Court decisions in the Hobby Lobby case, which allowed corporations and businesses to opt out of providing health insurance coverage that included contraception – women have seen dramatic decreases in the accessibility to their health care options.  Additionally, the previous Supreme Court decision that was reached in the Citizens United case, granted businesses and corporations the same rights under the U.S. Constitution that are awarded to living, breathing, people.  These two court cases have dramatically influenced and hindered the availability of contraption in their health care plans provided by their employers.

Surely, these new court cases not only hinder a women’s right to access complete, comprehensive, and quality health care – but also have the ability to restrict health care among the LBGTQ community.  For, a business that does not agree with homosexuality can essentially deny service to people who identify as homosexual, simply for who they are.  There are businesses who are legally protected under these new laws when they refuse service to LGBTQ people, some of who don’t even identify as being gay.

These new federal laws need to be repealed and thrown in the trash.  Religious freedom is not a license to discriminate, although it seems like it is being used in this manner.  A graph from the Kaiser Family Institute demonstrates how religious freedom laws have hindered a woman’s access to comprehensive health care, including contraception.



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