1. verb make or become different.
  2. noun coins as opposed to paper currency.

The concept for the blog Spare Change came from the play on the word “change.” We believe change is a fundamental social, political, and cultural process in acquiring the full benefits of a truly whole, equal and just society . We will be sharing our thoughts on current events as it relates to issues in sexual and reproductive health in the United States.  We provide brief commentary and analysis of relevant sexual and reproductive (SRH) topics throughout our blog.  We hope you enjoy our posts, feel free to leave comments and responses – and thank you for visiting!

The goals of our blog are:

  • To highlight current SRH issues and provide in-depth information in order for readers to understand the importance of the issues
  • To provide constructive criticism regarding existing SRH policy
  • To provide thorough and more complete examinations on the intersections of race, socioeconomic status, and gender on SRH and its contributions to the overall health of American societies
  • To suggest some changes in policy as related to SRH that may serve to help improve access, coverage, and health outcomes